Contributory Negligence… Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Steve is driving home from work, approaching a 4-way intersection.  Steve does not have a stop sign, but traffic on the side-street, attempting to enter the intersection from Steve’s right or left does, so Steve has the right of way.  Steve is driving in his lane, under the speed limit, doing everything right, except . . . he’s texting.  At the same time, John is driving a car that is approaching the intersection from Steve’s right.  John is in a hurry, is speeding and distracted, and does not see the stop sign.  John blows through the stop sign and the two cars collide.  In the Commonwealth of Virginia, does Steve have a winnable claim against John?  Maybe not.  Why?  Virginia is one of a handful of states that still follows the law of contributory negligence.  Let’s take a look at contributory negligence and how can it affect your potential car accident case? What is contributory [...]