What Are Virginia’s Dog Bite Laws?

While dogs are mostly known to be man’s best friend, some dogs can have aggressive personalities and tendencies to bite or attack others. If you’ve been bitten by another person’s dog, you’re probably wondering what dog bite and dog attack laws there are to protect you in Virginia. As a personal injury attorney who handles dog bite cases, I’m here to help. Virginia Law on Dog Bites Virginia requires dog owners to be aware of their dog’s temperament, nature, and tendencies, and to act responsibly according to those characteristics to prevent dog bites and dog attacks from occurring. This means that an owner of a dog known to be aggressive - especially if the dog is from a breed considered aggressive - is legally expected to act with a higher duty of care than a dog owner who has a lap dog that is docile and calm. Additionally, many of the municipalities in Northern Virginia [...]

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Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected with Our Comprehensive Guide to Virginia Auto Accidents

September is National Preparedness Month, a time when we remember the importance of planning and preparing for national disasters. This month is primarily geared toward developing an emergency preparedness plan for events that may affect your safety in your community. It’s also an ideal time, however, to prepare for any incident that could affect your safety and quality of life on a personal level – such as an auto accident. Given their sudden, unexpected nature, we know that it’s incredibly difficult – almost impossible – to “prepare” for an auto accident. If it’s ever happened to you, you know that the adrenaline rush you feel along with your “fight or flight” response can be overwhelming. In the moment, it’s hard to focus on what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when it should be done. After impact, a myriad of questions may fly through your head, such as: I’ve been [...]

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We Provide Legal Help When Your Child Suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The National Institutes of Health, which track causes of injuries in the US, including among children, has found that “traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in children.” What is a TBI? It’s an injury that disrupts the normal function of your child’s brain. Traumatic brain injuries can be harder to diagnose in kids because, sometimes, children, especially infants and toddlers, have not yet developed the verbal or motor skills to let us know that something is wrong. What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids? There are a variety of causes of traumatic brain injuries in kids.  According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, common causes of TBIs in children include: Falls, which account for 50.2% of TBIs in children, can include falls from unsafe playground equipment, slipping and falling on unmarked wet floors, or tripping and falling on unsafe objects on the ground or floor. Being struck by something, which results [...]

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More Kids are Getting in Traumatic Bicycle Accidents Since COVID-19 Hit

Here’s one unexpected side effect of the nation’s Coronavirus pandemic: more kids are getting into traumatic bike accidents. But when you think about it, it sadly makes sense. When schools closed and activities canceled, we parents, hoping to keep our kids’ screen time down as much as possible, encouraged our kids to get outdoors and ride their bikes. Unfortunately, with the increase of kids outside on their bikes, there’s been an increase in serious bicycle accidents involving children. What Type of Injuries Happen in a Bicycle Accident? Bicycle accidents can be very serious for kids. Children can suffer from a variety of injuries, ranging in seriousness, including: Cuts and lacerations that require stitches. Friction burns, which are sometimes called road burns. Fractures to arms, legs, ankles, and wrists, sometimes even requiring surgeries to reset the broken bones. Internal injuries to organs and internal bleeding. Soft tissue injuries that can be hard to diagnose and treat [...]

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What To Do If Your Child Gets a Concussion Playing Outside This Summer

It’s summer and after being cooped up from COVID-19 shutdowns, kids are outside having some fun in the sun! While many extracurricular sports have been suspended this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, your children may still be participating in activities that could lead to a serious brain injury - a concussion. Here’s an overview of what to do if your child gets a concussion. What’s a Concussion? A concussion is the most common type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, for short. Concussions can occur when: You experience a sudden blow to the head. You experience violent whipping (shaking front to back) of the head. Concussions are sometimes rated as mild (grade 1), moderate (grade 2), or severe (grade 3). Sometimes concussions cause the injured person to temporarily lose consciousness. There are a variety of concussion symptoms that your child may experience, which might include: A painful headache. Drowsiness or confusion. Feeling dizzy. Hearing [...]

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips and Legal Advice for Private Pool Owners & Guests

Are you a pool owner who’s finding that your backyard is even more popular as a neighborhood hot spot this summer? With all the public pool closures in Virginia due to Coronavirus restrictions, homeowners like you may be having a few more guests coming over to take a dip and cool off from the hot summer heat. But did you know that swimming pool accidents that take place on your property can make you legally responsible for damages? Here are some safety tips to keep in mind this summer if you are having guests over in your backyard swimming pool. And if you or someone in your family was injured in a swimming pool, here’s how our law firm can help. Common Swimming Pool Accidents It’s likely that when you think of a swimming pool accident, you immediately think of drowning.  In the Commonwealth of  Virginia, drowning is the fifth leading cause of accidental injury [...]

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Watch Out for Slip and Fall Swimming Pool Injuries This Summer

Summer is here and that means you’re likely to get texts, social media posts, and emails inviting you to pool parties at friends’, coworkers’ and your kids’ classmates’ houses. While a day in the pool and some fun in the sun might sound like just what your family needs after this spring’s coronavirus quarantine, unfortunately, swimming pools are common places for slip and fall injuries. What is a Slip and Fall Injury? Just like the name suggests, a slip and fall injury is when a person slips on a surface - such as the concrete surrounding a pool - and falls and injures themselves. Slip and fall injuries can be serious. Common injuries from slip and falls include: Cuts and contusions, including concussion Broken limbs Traumatic brain injury (TBI) Sadly, in the case of a pool slip and fall, the slip and fall victim runs the risk of drowning if their fall is unnoticed by [...]

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Have You or Your Child Been the Victim of a Swimming Pool Injury?

With social distancing requirements easing after this past spring’s coronavirus-induced quarantine, more and more pool owners are hosting swimming pool parties. If you haven’t already, you may soon find yourself invited to a pool party by a neighbor, friend, coworker, or family of one of your children’s classmates. Taking a dip in a refreshingly cool pool can be a fun way to pass a summer day. However, swimming pools can also be the sites of serious injuries and even deaths. Common Swimming Pool Injuries Swimming pool injuries may be the result of a slip and fall. These types of injuries can result in a variety of injuries including: Cuts and contusions Concussions Broken bones Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) Spinal cord injuries and paralysis Getting trapped in pool drains Contracting a water-borne illness from improper pool care Sustaining chemical burns from over-chlorination of a pool Unfortunately, some swimming pool accidents also result in deaths as a [...]

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Motorists, What is Your Motorcycle Awareness Level on the Road?

Did you know that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month?  To help motorcyclists and motorists save lives, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched the new Get Up to Speed on Motorcycles campaign. This campaign is aimed at increasing awareness of motorcycles on the road and helping motorists understand motorcycle driving behaviors better. Through education and increasing awareness, the NHTSA hopes that motorists and motorcyclists can work together to reduce dangerous and fatal injury accidents. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk on the roads. Every year, thousands of bikers lose their lives in accidents that could have been prevented. In 2015, motorcyclists accounted for nearly 14 percent of all fatalities - even though they represent just 3 percent of the registered vehicles on the road. Sadly, the number of motorcyclists killed just keeps increasing every year. In 2015, the NHTSA reported an 8 percent increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities from the year [...]

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Get Out Cycling! May is National Bike Month

Every May, the League of American Bicyclists celebrate National Bike Month. For over 60 years, bicycling enthusiasts have celebrated the benefits of bicycling, hoping to encourage more people to hit the road. As part of the festivities, National Bike to Work day is traditionally held during the third week in May. This day aims to get more people biking to work. This year, COVID-19 has changed the way National Bike Month will operate. Because of the Coronavirus, National Bike to Work day will now be held on Tuesday, September 22. Bike to Work Week will occur between September 21 - 27. As the Coronavirus spreads across the country, quarantine and lockdowns have many people searching for a way to get outside, while still maintaining social distancing. Bicycles offer a great way to do that. To encourage that this year, National Bike Month will focus on well-being and connection. They want to highlight how bicycling can [...]

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