The Importance of Planning for Your Loved Ones During National Long-Term Care Planning Month & How to Get Help if You Suspect Elder Abuse

Do you have a loved one, such as elderly parents or grandparents, who you anticipate may need to enter a nursing home at some point in the future? Do you anticipate needing to enter a nursing home yourself? If so, right now is the perfect time to research local nursing homes and put together a long-term care plan, as every October is National Long-Term Care Planning Month. The Importance of Researching Nursing Homes in Advance Many Virginia seniors enter a nursing home or assisted-living facility due to an urgent need. After a medical event, such as a stroke or a fall resulting in broken bones, the senior is no longer able to care for himself or herself without the assistance of professionals. With family members such as spouses or adult children wanting to get their loved one the help they need, they have to quickly tour nursing homes to have their loved ones transferred from [...]