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What To Do If Your Child Gets a Concussion Playing Outside This Summer

It’s summer and after being cooped up from COVID-19 shutdowns, kids are outside having some fun in the sun! While many extracurricular sports have been suspended this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, your children may still be participating in activities that could lead to a serious brain injury - a concussion. Here’s an overview of what to do if your child gets a concussion. What’s a Concussion? A concussion is the most common type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, for short. Concussions can occur when: You experience a sudden blow to the head. You experience violent whipping (shaking front to back) of the head. Concussions are sometimes rated as mild (grade 1), moderate (grade 2), or severe (grade 3). Sometimes concussions cause the injured person to temporarily lose consciousness. There are a variety of concussion symptoms that your child may experience, which might include: A painful headache. Drowsiness or confusion. Feeling dizzy. Hearing [...]

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Watch Out for Slip and Fall Swimming Pool Injuries This Summer

Summer is here and that means you’re likely to get texts, social media posts, and emails inviting you to pool parties at friends’, coworkers’ and your kids’ classmates’ houses. While a day in the pool and some fun in the sun might sound like just what your family needs after this spring’s coronavirus quarantine, unfortunately, swimming pools are common places for slip and fall injuries. What is a Slip and Fall Injury? Just like the name suggests, a slip and fall injury is when a person slips on a surface - such as the concrete surrounding a pool - and falls and injures themselves. Slip and fall injuries can be serious. Common injuries from slip and falls include: Cuts and contusions, including concussion Broken limbs Traumatic brain injury (TBI) Sadly, in the case of a pool slip and fall, the slip and fall victim runs the risk of drowning if their fall is unnoticed by [...]

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Have You or Your Child Been the Victim of a Swimming Pool Injury?

With social distancing requirements easing after this past spring’s coronavirus-induced quarantine, more and more pool owners are hosting swimming pool parties. If you haven’t already, you may soon find yourself invited to a pool party by a neighbor, friend, coworker, or family of one of your children’s classmates. Taking a dip in a refreshingly cool pool can be a fun way to pass a summer day. However, swimming pools can also be the sites of serious injuries and even deaths. Common Swimming Pool Injuries Swimming pool injuries may be the result of a slip and fall. These types of injuries can result in a variety of injuries including: Cuts and contusions Concussions Broken bones Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) Spinal cord injuries and paralysis Getting trapped in pool drains Contracting a water-borne illness from improper pool care Sustaining chemical burns from over-chlorination of a pool Unfortunately, some swimming pool accidents also result in deaths as a [...]

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Swimming Pool Accidents…a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Let’s begin with a sad story… a scenario that never had to happen.  Several years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, a young man invited a neighbor over to his mother’s house to help him work on a car.  His neighbor came over and brought his 2 ½ year old child, who played in the front yard while the guys worked on the car in the front driveway.   The house had a swimming pool in the back yard that was surrounded by a fence with a gate.  Initially, the gate was secured by a chain with a lock. A few weeks before, though, the lock was lost.  Instead of replacing the lock, the owner secured the gate by wrapping the chain around the gate and the gate post. At some point as they worked on the car, the men realized that the child was no longer playing in the front yard.  After a frantic search, [...]

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How Child Personal Injury Cases Differ From Adult Cases

Whether walking or biking to school, or riding as a passenger in a car, any accident or serious injury involving a child is a traumatic event to both the victim and her family.  A child’s injuries can be very complex and can affect his life now and into the future, sometimes for the rest of his life.  If the child’s injury arises from the negligence of someone else, it is important to know that the law treats children differently than adults.  Let’s look at some of those differences and how they might affect your case. Contact us for a FREE legal evaluation of your case! Children are held to a different standard As I discussed in a previous blog, “Contributory Negligence – Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney”, Virginia is a contributory negligence state.  Contributory negligence is a rule of law that holds that if two people are involved in a collision and both [...]

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