Traumatic Brain Injury

4 Breakthroughs in Traumatic Brain Injury Research

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and it’s a time to shine a light on the prevention of traumatic brain injury (TBI) while promoting ways to improve the quality of life of people living with TBI and their families. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, there are more than 5.3 million children and adults in the U.S. living with a permanent brain injury-related disability. That works out to one in every 60 people – and stats show that every 9 seconds someone in the U.S. sustains a brain injury. Research on how to detect, diagnose, and treat TBI – and understand the long-term effects of it – has come a long way since doctors first identified the condition. Two decades later, recent breakthroughs continue to make it easier to treat this life-changing condition, often called an “invisible injury.” Read on to learn about 4 notable breakthroughs in TBI research in 2021. Sleep Plays [...]

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The Risk of Using a Rideshare Electric Scooter & What To Do if You Sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury While Using One

Rideshare electric scooters for which you pay an hourly or day rate to borrow a public-use electric scooter to use on a college campus or crowded Virginia city - are becoming more and more popular. These fun, convenient modes of transportation are especially popular among teens and younger adults. But with the increased usage of rideshare electric scooters since 2017, both hospital emergency rooms and doctors are seeing alarming trends. In just the past three years, head and neck injuries from riding electric scooters have increased 4.5 times! Of the types of injuries reported, injuries to internal organs, ,like a traumatic brain injury (TBI) make up 32.5% of all injuries sustained on an electric scooter since 2017. What is a traumatic brain injury and what should you do if you sustain one after riding an electric scooter? Keep reading to learn more. What is a Traumatic Brain Injury? A traumatic brain injury, also known as [...]

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We Provide Legal Help When Your Child Suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The National Institutes of Health, which track causes of injuries in the US, including among children, has found that “traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in children.” What is a TBI? It’s an injury that disrupts the normal function of your child’s brain. Traumatic brain injuries can be harder to diagnose in kids because, sometimes, children, especially infants and toddlers, have not yet developed the verbal or motor skills to let us know that something is wrong. What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries in Kids? There are a variety of causes of traumatic brain injuries in kids.  According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, common causes of TBIs in children include: Falls, which account for 50.2% of TBIs in children, can include falls from unsafe playground equipment, slipping and falling on unmarked wet floors, or tripping and falling on unsafe objects on the ground or floor. Being struck by something, which results [...]

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