More Kids are Getting in Traumatic Bicycle Accidents Since COVID-19 Hit

Here’s one unexpected side effect of the nation’s Coronavirus pandemic: more kids are getting into traumatic bike accidents. But when you think about it, it sadly makes sense.

When schools closed and activities canceled, we parents, hoping to keep our kids’ screen time down as much as possible, encouraged our kids to get outdoors and ride their bikes. Unfortunately, with the increase of kids outside on their bikes, there’s been an increase in serious bicycle accidents involving children.

What Type of Injuries Happen in a Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle accidents can be very serious for kids. Children can suffer from a variety of injuries, ranging in seriousness, including:

  • Cuts and lacerations that require stitches.
  • Friction burns, which are sometimes called road burns.
  • Fractures to arms, legs, ankles, and wrists, sometimes even requiring surgeries to reset the broken bones.
  • Internal injuries to organs and internal bleeding.
  • Soft tissue injuries that can be hard to diagnose and treat properly.
  • Spinal cord injuries that can have lifelong consequences.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

And sadly, some kids die in bicycle accidents that could have been avoided if drivers were simply paying more attention to the road and their surroundings.

If Your Child Is Injured, How Do You Know You Need a Bicycle Attorney?

Virginia law recognizes that negligent drivers who cause bicycle accidents need to be held accountable.  If your child has been injured after being struck by a car while riding a bicycle and you believe the driver may have been negligent, you should consult with a bicycle attorney, like myself, to see if you have a personal injury claim.

What Can You Recover in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

If you your child has been injured after being struck by a car while riding a bicycle, your child may be entitled to recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including any future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Any scars or disfigurement
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Activity restrictions and limitations on your child’s overall enjoyment of life.

How to Keep Your Children Safe on Bicycles

While I’m always here to help you if your child is hit by a negligent driver while riding a bicycle, my goal is to prevent children from being injured in these accidents. You can help protect your child from bicycle accidents by:

  • Ensuring that your child always wears a helmet while riding.
  • Teaching your children proper bicycling, which includes riding on the right side of the street and using hand signals to alert drivers when they are going to turn left, right, or stop.
  • Making sure your child does not listen to AirPods or headphones while riding a bike so he can always hear the cars that are approaching them, and
  • If your child will be riding after dark, making sure your child’s bike has lights and reflectors to make it as visible as possible, and that your child isn’t wearing dark clothing.

I’m Here for You if You Need Me

If your child was injured after being struck by a negligent driver while riding a bicycle, I’m here to help fight for the full and fair compensation your child deserves. To consult with me about your case, contact me here or call my practice today at (703) 813-6460.