When most people think of a concussion, they think of a mild injury with few long-term effects. Concussions are often downplayed in our society as minor injuries or “just a bump to the head.” This kind of thinking has resulted in athletes continuing to play after a concussion and car accident victims walking away from the crash, believing they are uninjured. In reality, a concussion can have serious and dire consequences that can result in months and even years of pain and suffering.

In fact, between 10% and 30% of concussion injury victims develop something known as post-concussion syndrome. This syndrome often results in months and years of symptoms and can interrupt normal daily functioning. Accident victims suffering from post-concussion syndrome may have migraines, vision problems, vertigo, and memory issues. In addition, they can suffer from “brain-freezing”. This is a condition where the brain becomes easily over-stimulated and shuts down.

Unfortunately, because individuals suffering from post-concussion syndrome look normal, their symptoms are often met with skepticism by family, friends, medical professionals, and insurance adjusters. This invisible illness is often severely misunderstood, which can cause victims to feel even more isolated and helpless.

Living With Post-concussion Syndrome

Living with post-concussion syndrome is not easy. Individuals who suffer from this syndrome may wake up most days with a headache and spend the rest of their day living in a fog. It can be difficult to concentrate on schoolwork or on job tasks. Assignments take longer because of memory issues and difficulty processing instructions.

It can be difficult to socialize when you live with post-concussion syndrome. Loud events or busy environments can be overwhelming, resulting in sensory overload. It can also be difficult to listen to more than one speaker at a time, making dinner parties or group outings a struggle.

Your exercise routine may also change after you develop post-concussion syndrome. Rather than playing team sports or running for exercise, accident victims may need to switch to lighter activities like yoga or Pilates. They may not be able to enjoy the active lifestyle they once lived. That is because post-concussion syndrome often results in balance and coordination issues. Individuals suffering from post-concussion syndrome may get dizzy, suffer from vertigo, or have difficulty seeing clearly.

Maintaining relationships can also be a struggle after developing post-concussion syndrome. Many victims feel more irritable after suffering a concussion. As a result, they can have severe mood swings, outbursts, and episodes of anger. This can destroy relationships and marriages easily. Many victims report not feeling like themselves and suffering from depression or other mood disorders. They can also struggle to carry on conversations due to memory issues and delays in critical thinking.

Unfortunately, many of these struggles are silent and internal. On the outside, accident victims look fine, and even diagnostic scans often come back negative. For these reasons, insurance adjusters are often skeptical of accident victims who claim post-concussion syndrome when seeking compensation. That is why it is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side from the very start. Your lawyer will need to gather extensive evidence and medical statements to show how your concussion continues to negatively impact your life.

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