3 Key Changes in the New Virginia Bicycle Safety Act

There’s a new Virginia bicycling safety law in the books slated to take effect July 1st. The new regulation – HB2262, the Bicyclist Safety Act – is another law in a wave of cycling safety laws enacted in various states to help cyclists and motorists share the road more safely. Read on to learn the details of Virginia’s new law, all about National Bike Month, and get key cycling safety tips as the weather turns warmer. The Virginia Bicycling Safety Act On March 31st, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed the Bicyclist Safety Act into law. This new traffic regulation requires motorists to: Change lanes while passing cyclists when the lane is not wide enough to pass the cyclist with at least 3 feet of space in between Allows cyclists to ride two abreast at all times, which was previously restricted Convenes a work group to review issues related to allowing bicyclists to treat stop signs [...]