The Importance of Pedestrian Safety in Virginia

Pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic and life-changing. In the blink of an eye, your whole world may never be the same. Pedestrians that are injured in accidents with motor vehicles can suffer from permanent impairment and disability. This impacts their ability to work and provide for their family. It also prevents them from enjoying their life in the ways they did before. When this happens, it is important to call an experienced and skilled Virginia pedestrian accident attorney.

In Virginia, pedestrian accidents are on the decline thanks in large part to increased safety campaigns. In 2016, 1,6087  pedestrian accidents occurred across the state. This resulted in 1,571 injuries and 114 fatalities. The majority of these accidents occurred in an urban setting where cars and pedestrians must share the roads more frequently.

How Pedestrian Accidents Occur

Pedestrian accidents most often occur because either the driver or the pedestrian is not using care and caution. Drivers may be driving distracted or speeding through intersections. Distracted driving, drunk driving and reckless driving all increase the likelihood of serious pedestrian accidents occurring.

In Virginia, motorists must yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks or at intersections where crosswalks are not present. They must also yield to pedestrians at intersections where the speed limit is 35 mph or slower.

Pedestrians also have a responsibility to use caution when crossing the street. Looking both ways, not walking while distracted and using a crosswalk are important ways to stay safe and avoid serious accidents. Crossing in the middle of a street and not at a designated crosswalk can result in serious injuries. If a crosswalk is available, pedestrians should always use them.

The Importance of Pedestrian Safety in Virginia

Why Does Crossing in a Crosswalk Matter?

At Bergeron Law, our attorneys have seen numerous pedestrian accidents. Survivors are often left to pick up the pieces of their lives and insurance companies are reluctant to settle these claims. One of our most recent cases involved a pedestrian crossing mid-block on a busy street, but in a clearly-marked crosswalk. The driver of the vehicle was not paying attention and did not see the client at all before impact, and we were able to obtain a favorable settlement largely because the client was crossing in a crosswalk.

In a similar case, , another pedestrian was crossing mid-block on a busy street, but was not in a crosswalk. Again, the driver was not paying attention and did not see the pedestrian at all before the impact. This case went to trial and resulted in an unfavorable outcome.  The likely dispositive difference between the two cases was the fact that in one case the pedestrian was in a crosswalk and in the other the pedestrian was not.

So crossing at a crosswalk can not only save your life, it can also impact your ability to collect compensation after an accident.

But remember, simply crossing at a crosswalk isn’t always enough. When you do cross, always be sure you remain alert and watch for cars that may not recognize you on the road. Staying vigilant and following the rules of the road can help keep you safe.

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